I'm not used to carrying wallet. In fact, I've always have two things in my pockets: keys and mobile phone. I have always wanted to limit a number of things which I have to carry every day. That's why I've always been trying to bind my mobile phone with a wallet. There are couple ways to do so, and I think I've tried the majority of them, so now, I'm near the perfect condition.

Apps can slim your wallet.

In my city (Gdańsk) I can use many apps that are replacements of, e.g. public transport tickets. There are also many contactless payments terminals, so I can use my Nexus 4 with Android 5.0 and NFC HCE app to pay for… almost everything, even daily groceries. Thanks to this, I don't have to have my card with me, etc. etc.:

  • Skycash – public transport (trams, buses and city trains) fares, long-distance polish trains (PKP Intercity) tickets, regional trains in Greater Poland, Masovia and Kuyawian - Pomerania (I've never used them, but I can) etc. I can also get money from ATM using this app connected to my card.
  • Orange Finanse – bank app and contactless payments
  • CallPay Kolej – regional trains (Przewozy Regionalne – many regions, including mine)
  • Bitcoin – c:

Do not print, just save it on your phone.

Today many services you can buy on the internet and realize them in real life, for example – train rides. To have your ticket validated you have to print it and show it to a conductor… or download it on your phone and show him the screen. It can be also done with online check-in boarding pass.

Documents are from hell. Absolutely.

They are very problematic. Government, like every monopoly, is not active with innovations, so apps with identify cards or driver licences are not common. To be fair, they are f***ing hard to see (I know only about driver licenses from Iowa). Fortunately, I don't have to have documents very often – I don't ride by public transport (or car) everyday.

But there is one thing I have to carry permanently – city library card. Unfortunately, librarian said, that I cannot just use high definition scans, card must be physically present.

You don't need a separate wallet to carry 2 cards.

There are many phone cases that allow owner to bond a smartphone and card(s). To be fair, I had carried my phone in a "phone-wallet" for 3 years, but when I changed it to Nexus 4, I bore only 8 month – those set was too thick. Now I've got a slim version, with place for one card. It's much more handy and it doesn't push my pocket.Those cases are available on many online services, such as Ebay, Amazon etc. They aren't expensive, but they might be very helpful.

So, in conlusion, we live in a time, when you can live without wallet. This is safer, more comfortable and faster. In this case, out times are great c: