It's a little bit complicated.

Before I start, I want to inform, that this post won't be for or against regulations, law that enforces IPSs (Internet Service Providers) etc. I just wanna relay my thoughts about this issue.

First of all, there is a difference between two types of ISP's actions incompatible with definition of net neutrality: blocking the bandwidth of some services and appending some services to internal ISP's network.

Waaaay oversimplified explanation: when you pay for connection to the internet, you actually pay for connection to internal ISP's intranet, which is connected to the internet (Tier 2 network). Limits on your bandwidth are caused not by limits in the intranet, but by limits of bandwidth imposed by super-ISP (Tier 1 network) and technology restrictions. Of course, ISP can append a website or service to their very own network, which you are connected to. In this case, you will have a better connection with this website or service, than with another.

I distinguished these two types of actions because they are absolutely not similar to each other. First (blocking one) is absolutely unfair, there's no doubt. But the second one? It's absolutely ok, because there's no loser – service can increase their competitiveness and user can have a better service. Win – win.

Some people think that this is unfair, because only big corporations are able to pay for connecting to all the ISP. It is believed that independent services (like Netflix) won't afford that and they will broke, because of competition. I don't think it will happen, because „super-highway” connection with client/user is not a dominant advantage. Other services have their very own good sides, which cannot be copied. Futhermore, this kind of situation can be even incentive for every business, which is based on web, to accelerate their development and growth. All of that will be great for the final consumer.

Another argument is, that ISPs won't expand their „regular” broadband – they won't buy bigger limits from super-ISP Tier 1 operators (e.g. Level 3) or develop their very own Tier 1 network. That absolutely won't happen, because who would buy a shitty connection? Unless they are better and better, they will lost their customers. If they don't have customers, no corporation will be interested in buying the append. Business will broke.

In conclusion, there is no one „net neutrality”. It depends on which actions we are thinking about. I'm not for or against net neutrality, because it depends on the situation.

Thanks for reading.