Nokia Z Launcher is the best Android launcher I've ever used.

But from the beginning: For years I'd been using Nokia mobile phones, but in 2012 I was forced to change that –  I had to move on to something better, which was my first smartphone with Android. It was HTC Chacha. This phone was not mighty, to say it kindly. But then, in 2014 I've bought Nexus 4, so now I can use any software for Android, just because my smartphone is now capable to run it. I've tested many launchers, but overally – Z Launcher is the best. Why?:

1) Great idea…

…to concentrate on apps and the most prosaic function of the launcher – to run apps. It's like appfinder in XFCE - simple, but does exactly what it is supposed to do. Z Launcher uses gestures to find applications and other actions (such as calling, texting, web searching) by their names (of course, traditional list of apps it also available, but it's rarely used).

2) It's fast.

Simple concept, simple construction ⇒ fast app. I think there's no need to explain. Excluding few releases (bear in mind, that Z Launcher is still in beta stage) Z Launcher is always smooth, there is no lags or something like that.

It's the shortest note I've ever written (except for the very first one), but I don't think I can write more about this topic.

Thanks for reading.

Background photo made by S. Charles and published on Thanks!