Robert von Oliva

Now, what did you say your name was?

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My stuff's looking awesome! I wish I could show you.

Through my whole (and still ongoing) life I've created a lot of stuff. That includes: a cramped amount of atrocious code (おめちゃくちゃや) and a few thousand unacceptable photos (フリクのしゃしん). There's also a bunch of post files down there which are probably my kind of blog or something (ぼくのものがたり). Add this website to the RSS reader.


Whom do you want to call?

If you are in need to contact me or just want to say hello feel free to write an email on contact (here be dragons) I use a lot of IMs, chat things, message boards, chans, so sometimes you can find me somewhere else. Social media ∗∗∗∗ are not an acceptable option, I use several of them, but I'm trying to forgo as much as I can.


An important information

This page is free of Javascript. No need to analyze the source to read it, although it is bloated a bit (due to some images and fonts). But hey, this page is Javascript free! The site is best viewed in elinks.