Robert von Oliva
現住所: Oliva, DZ, DA
時間帯: Europe/Busingen
メール: contact located here


The stream of current events is located on my microblog (I also post this on Fediverse, but here it is uninterrupted by memes or something).


Only strong opinions, such as: Fahrenheit is better than Celsius; comfortable temperatures are below 69°F; bearable temperatures are below 77°F; you should not mark languages using flags; Plattdeutsch is a separate language group; Silesian is a language; Quantum Darwinism is interesting; ICE3 is the best long-distance train (but the consequent Velaro family is a step back, at least in design); trains and roads should be paid for by their users.


This website is divided into four parts: おめちゃくちゃや, where I store my projects; きはくなしゃしん, where I store my photos (there are plenty of them); ぼくのものがたり, where I store some mildly interesting opinion pieces and the archive of my talks and だいミッニブログ for a microblog and news subscription thingy (coming soon).


I like trains, quantum computing, modern urban planning, languages, Japanese stuff, my home city, tea (lots). The best language code system is Glottolog (stan1293, stan1295, lowe1387, poli1260, nucl1643). Social media bad, but I use some of them sometimes.


My creations published on this very website are shared under CC0 Universal and 0BSD licenses unless otherwise stated. Check out my Wikimedia Commons as well.