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Welcome to the フリクのしゃしん photo gallery, established in 2013 (initially on Flickr, I moved to self-hosting in 2017, around the time Flickr was taken over by Verizon). There are 7 sections here:

  1. All the stations – the name is yes, indeed, based on the series by Geoff and Vicky. Here I post the photos from the bus, tram, rapid transit, railway stations.
  2. Danzig and its Free City – photos from my Heimat, enough said.
  3. Events – obviously.
  4. Other – everything that does not fit into other category.
  5. Schienenchallenge – some challenges connected to the railways etc., such as how long would it take to visit all railway stations or tram stops in Danzig etc.
  6. Trips – obviously. It is by far the largest section, further subcategorized into some trips in series, longer trips, shorter ones (city breaks, basically) and Let me be your guide, a series where I'm trying to write a lot of unnecessary information for every photo in the album.
  7. Undigital – My attempts in analog photography. Very successful they aren't.