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The series of trips that is focused on the all things Greek… at least at the very beginning. The main goal of the trips is to go somewhere deeply south just on trains(and probably other means of terrestial transport if trains are not available, probably avoiding cars). As I said before, the two first trips were focused on things loosely related to Greece and everything between Gdańsk and the destination… ok, just bear in mind that trains, through Balkans, somewhere south.

The first destination was Athens (and Peloponnese) in 2018. To achieve that, we traveled through Budapest, Belgrade and Thessaloniki. The second destination was Constantinople (εἰς τὴν Πόλιν → eis tin Polin → istanbul → İstanbul), so yet again Greek… at least in the past, but it was 2022.

Apart from photos, I have also written some blogish descriptions:

  1. HELLAvatrip – chapter 1 – on the way to Budapest

Every trip has at least the description of the route, if you wanted to achieve the same (which might not be possible anymore).