Here the talks and other public presentations that I think are worth being uploaded are placed. The whole idea is that sometimes on the convetion you are not able to be on the whole talk or you are not able to be on three talks at the same time, at least if you’re not Padre Pio.

Every presentation is published under the CC0 license if not stated otherwise. The included pictures or other media however might be published under different licences which are credited in the caption.


  1. Railways in Japan (2019-07-14, 2019-08-31)


  1. Usenet, BBSy, internet, a japońszczyzna (2019-04-27, 2021-08-15)

  2. Japońskie magiczne migawki (2019-08-31)

  3. Informatyka kwantowa – jak to działa? (2019-09-14)

  4. Arytmetyka modularna (2019-10-22)

  5. Fale, fale, fale (2020-06-09)

  6. Kryptografia, wliczając kwantową (2021-08-14)

  7. Kolej w Aglomeracji Tokijskiej (2021-08-15)

  8. Gołymi łapami (2022-04-14, 2022-05-21)